Utility Company Information

Electric Companies

  • MidAmerican Energy 888-427-5632 (Southwest Iowa)

  • OPPD 536-4131 or 877-536-4131 (Metropolitan Omaha)

Gas Companies

  • Black Hills Energy 888-890-5554 (Council Bluffs and neighboring communities)

  • MidAmerican Energy 888-427-5632

  • Metropolitan Utilities District 402-554-6666 (Metropolitan Omaha)

Metropolitan Utilities District Website

For general information without making a phone call.

Water Service

  • Council Bluffs Water Works 712-328-1006 (If new service, you must apply in person at 2000 N. 25th Street Council Bluffs)

  • Metropolitan Utilities District 402-554-6666 (Metropolitan Omaha)

  • Other Cities - Please ask your Real Estate Agent


  • In Council Bluffs and Omaha city limits, garbage pickup is set up when water service is set up. Outside the city limits, contact any one of the following for private service:

  • Papillion Sanitation 402-346-7800

  • Deffenbaugh Disposal Service 402-731-3333

  • Waste Management 402-731-0138

Telephone Service

  • Qwest 1-800-244-1111

  • A T & T 1-800-222-0300

  • Alltel 800-411-0780

  • Cox Communications 402-933-4000

Cable Company

  • Cox Communications 402-933-4000

Your Real Estate Agent can not set up service for you, but we're always happy to assist you in any way possible.

This page may not be all inclusive. Your Realtor will be able to tell you who your utility companies are, as well as find out what your estimated budget utility bills may be for any listed property.

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